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Weight: Introspection about Weight of Our Words

In a world where words are spoken so carelessly, are wedding vows still sacred?


Leveraging the context of marriage and the vows, the project aims to invite introspection about the weight of our words.


Wedding vow is one of the most significant promises anyone can make in his or her life and this is used to juxtapose with how light our words might become. The growing rate of divorce, may not be the case if people treated the marriage vow as what it really is – a vow.




Donn Koh​


Weight displays wedding vow as a reminder. When the words are not upkept with touch, the vow gradually fades away.


The original vow gradually fades for a different message to surface using the letters and words from the vow.


The letters are individually restored if one pays attention to the vow and touches the missing areas.


When left unattended, reaching the state of forgotten promise – the erosion of vow progresses to an increasingly bleak message.

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