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Cardboard is one of the top 3 waste types disposed in Singapore in 2014. Despite having a relative high recycling rate at 52%, with 1,237,400 tonnes of cardboard generated annually, the remaining amount of cardboard that is not recycled still makes up a sizeable portion.
HÉ is designed to extend the life of a laptop packaging, which is often kept by buyers but rendered purposeless. HÉ provides multiple secondary usage after serving its primary role to protect the laptop. The internal parts of the packaging can be transformed into a stationary holder while the external packaging would form the laptop stand with cable management.




Roy Foo


Product Design

Packaging Design

  • Awarded Motorola Solutions Final Year Project Award 2016

  • Awarded 1st for The SandBox Make-it-to-win-it Competition 2016

  • Exhibited in SGPFair Festive Gifts & Packaging Design Showcase 2016

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