(and clear as it seems, I am a Potterhead)

Growing up with the Harry Potter series has made me believe in magic. Now, in retrospect, I believe in the magic of imagination and storytelling.


Being in Gryffindor (I pleaded the Sorting Hat…) has given me the courage to try many things under the sun. In pursuit of curiosity and understanding, I have explored various fields of design and my interests lie in design communication, discursive and exploratory design.


To me, design is a lifelong journey of discovery, learning, and sharing. Hence, I have begun to reflect, write and post more about my work and experiences on Instagram @apeaornut and @w_____lim.


I enjoy creating meaningful and thoughtful design that communicates and connects with people. Feel free to contact me at limweilinwinnie@gmail.com for freelance works or for a chat!